Last January 17, 2014, the Foundation served more than 100 children at the Compostela Camp, Cebu, Philippines with McDonald’s chicken nuggets and softdrinks. The delegates, shown below are Dr. Byron Conner, Pamela Simpson, Marietta Agnew Fontabla and Randal K. Smith (all from Texas). They also distributed chocolate candies donated by the Delegates and their families. One of these bags came from Reese and Riley Villazor, elementary students of John Muir of Berkeley, California, pitching their own allowances to buy the chocolates for the children of the Camp. Pastor Salvador Cariaga of the Arapal Camp is seen here talking to the other delegates, Dr. Wayne Hey and wife Merna, Dallas, Texas and Thelma Abellana, Canada. The 36 Delegates enjoyed most this part of the mission.

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