The economic recession prompts fund-raisers to be more creative. Roscon Foundation, with the support of Roscon Scholarship Foundation, launched its first Medical/Cultural Mission Tour in 2012 at Tarlac City, TURISMO TARLAQAUENO. This event, supported by a lot of benefactors, was a success. So, the teams of both countries decided to do another Fund-raiser on January 2014. TURISMO CEBUANO! Composed of almost 40 delegates, the festival tour event was again a success. As Tarlaqueno delegate Lanie Piega puts it: “It was such an experience of a lifetime. I’m glad I joined the tour.” Lanie shed some tears during our “Feeding Program” at San Rafael Aeta Village. Angie McAuliffe, a Tarlaqueno delegate said, “none of my tours, even Europe, allowed me this emotional outbursts like Turismo did! It’s a very great experience!!! Annabelle Badgwell and Nina Ludeke, Cebuano delegates, said, “we need to do this again….” Hence this January 2016, TURISMO LUZON will be conducted with around 25 delegates from different countries and Texas. The 11-day tour is hectic but the most important segments are the ABS-CBN TV Matinee Show, the Official Visit with Governor Imee Marcos of Ilocos Norte and the fabulous farewell party at VISTA VERDE in Pampanga where prominent guests will join the Delegation on their last day of the festival tour event!