Turismo Tarlaqueno

February 11, 2012 – The fund-raiser for Roscon Foundation, Inc., using this Festival Event” as a fund-raising activity was a huge success. The concept was to foster international unity and friendship among the delegates from the United States and Philippines – specifically Texas and Tarlac Cities.. The 7-Day Tour provided a most exciting time for the Delegates making them close friends and humanitarian allies.



Dreamkraft video and Sherley Ann’s YouTubes side by side…


The highlights of the Festival Event were the mountain trekking to Mt. Pinatubo, the visit to the Reliquary of the True Cross and the visit to the Hundred Islands. The Photographs above were featured at the Roscon & Turismo websites (www.turismotarlaqueno.com) BEFORE the Festival Event. The Videos below, done by Sherley Ann Feliciano, Roscon Scholar and Dennis David, Roscon Business Proponent, show how the Delegates spent the 7 days previously scheduled. The presentations made prior to the Festival Event were not far cries from the actual event. Each place visited delivered the promise of the Foundation. Not only was International friendship fostered, everyone felt the appreciation of the earth’s natural features and demonstrated their willingness to be part of the sharing with the less fortunate. The Foundation adopted some AETA scholars, tied up with the S.SP.S. Nuns and Reliquary Priests to help the natives. Each and every Delegate pledged to contribute towards the Foundation’s missions… which made the Event more meaningful and valuable.