Roscon Foundation’s

Lift up sing & Inspire Concert

April 4, 2015 – Saturday

Master of Ceremony
Conrad Alagaban, Jr.
Professional Development Director

Other Board of Directors present:
Ali Raza
Annabelle Encarnacion
Elna Mallari
Micaela Wright
Nicole Dane
Satumina Ludeke
Shirley Lightfoot

Myrna Carreon
Bruce Jones

Dexter Colorado
Hexel Colorado
Maxwell Colorado

Nicole & Noelle Dane
Special thanks to their friend April Mehwish Khan

Event Coordinators:
Marevi Bishop
Rina Lundsten

Raffle Draw Assistant: Seven

Dj: Carlos Cabel/Le Creme Ensemble
Videographer: Tim Polster
Photographer: Dr. Jarvis Jacobs
Registry: Fabriccio Mesa & Angelica Escalante
Hotel Staff Coordinating: Nelly Gibson, Oscar Ramirez

Principal Organizers:
Carol C. Smith, CEO
Randy Smith, Chairman

With the special help of incoming director, Mary Micaela Wright

Thank you all

The concert was held at Wyndham Garden Hotel in Dallas, attended by 270 guests and participated by great performers Maharlika Dancers, Dorothy Ann Daeunhaeur, J Mitch, A+ Academy Children’s Choir, Paul Salor and Joshua Experience.