All Seasons Food Program – Target for 2012



There are a few Vegan restaurants in Dallas that cater to the palate of the health conscious diner. But there is none in Burleson where lately,  a group of physicians started the C.H.I.P.S. program – opening up a way for people with cholesterol and diabetes programs to whet their appetites without sacrificing their whims for fancy foods.

A director and a volunteer of the Foundation, sisters, decided to share their food health programs to the program with the assistance of the nutritionists and physicians who authored some books on vegetarian and healthy recipes.

Data from the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet (released Jan. 26, 2011) – from the American Diabetes Association revealed: Total prevalence of diabetes –  25.8 million children and adults in the United States – 8.3% of the population – have diabetes – Diagnosed: 18.8 million people – Undiagnosed: 7.0 million people – Pre-diabetes: 79 million people*

Approximately one in every six adults – 16.3% of the U.S. adult population – has high total cholesterol. The level defined as high total cholesterol is 240 mg/dL and above.

These statistical data are very alarming – especially with the presence of a lot of processed foods that do not provide the right ingredients needed to maintain one’s health.

This is what the Foundation’s “All Seasons Food Program” will try to achieve – at least targeting BURLESON (One City at a Time) the aim of our Volunteers to share their healthy eating habits will benefit the citizens in that area. Dallas has enough to feed the health-conscious here… but none yet there..