CONGRATULATIONS! Filipinos in North Texas once again had proven Bayanihan stance to cheer and brighten up thousands of attendees at the PISTA in Traders Village, Grand Prairie!

Thank you for your participation, hard work, attendance, donations, and most especially your time to join the celebrations!

The Santacruzan was enjoyable and interesting/the performances and cultural showcases were entertaining with a most colorful stage/the foods were delicious/Pinoy Superstar was a hit/the vendors were a variety/the community representatives were wonderful! Thank you so much!

Community Support Program: June 8, 2013
Beneficiary – Philippine Republic Day Celebration, Inc.

Pista sa Nayon

Philippine Independence Day:
Significant Days in Philippine History:

Aug 23/24:
Araw ng mga Bayani (National Heroes Day), The Philippines, on this day, commemorates the “Cry of Pugad Lawin” by Filipino revolutionaries called the Katipunan led by its leader(Supremo) Andres Bonifacio.

July 4:
World War II broke out that created immense damage to Filipinos with roughly about on million casualties. After the war, Manuel Roxas was elected president in April 1946 for the independent second republic of the Philippines in a formal declaration, the american flag was lowered in Luneta, Manila and raised the Filipino National flag in tri-color of red white, and blue looked up by proud Filipinos. Finally, independence was granted to the republic of the Philippines dated July 4, 1946.

June 12:
July 4, however, holds less inspiration for the Filipinos according to the elected President of the Republic of the Philippines in 1961, Diosdado Macapagal. Macapagal believes that the June 12, 1896 declaration of the Philippine independence by General Emilio Aguinaldo brings to memory the heroes of the revolution and therefore Phiippine independence is best commemorated in honor of the Filipino revolutionary heroes. Hence, President Macapagal changed the date of celebration of the Philippine independence from July 4 to June 12, which the Filipinos celebrate each year up to this time.

Cry of Pugad Lawin:
News about the discovery of the Katipunan spread to Manla and nearby suburbs, and Andres Bonifacio immediately called for a general meeting. Various wings of the Katipunan gathered at the house of Juan Ramos in Pugad Lawin on August 23, 1896. Bonifacio asked his men whether they were willing to fight to the bitter end. Everyone shouted their approval, except for Teodoro Plata, whho thought that it was too soon for a revolution. Heartened by his men’s response, Bonifacio then asked them to tear their cedulas(residence certificates) to pieces, as a sign of their defiance and determination to rise against the Spaniards. The men immediately tore up their cedulas, shouting, Mabuhay and Pilipinas (Long live the Philippines) or the Cry of Pugad Lawin.

The Philippine Independence Act is a U.S. law that provided for Philippine independence. It is a slightly revised version of the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Bill passed by the U.S. Congress in 1933 but was vetoed by U.S. President Hoover. The U.S. Congress overrode the veto but was rejected by the Philippine Senate upon urgings of Manuel L. Quezon. Quezon wanted an amended bill. The new bill named, The Philippine Independence Act was authored by senator Milliard Tydings (Democrat) and Representative John Mcduffin (Democrat). The new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, signed it into law on March 24, 1934. Aguinaldo (Declaration of the Philippine Independence): America summoned Aguinaldo to return to the Philippines from exile and with confidence towards the pleasant US relations, Aguinaldo anticipated independence from Spain with the help of America. Returning to the Philippines and leading the Filipino troops to hold the fort of Luzon with success except for Intramuros, Aguinaldo declared the Philippine Independence from the Spanish colonial government on June 12, 1898 under the First Philippine Republic. (Excerpts by Maria)

Part of the mission of Roscon Foundation is to support the community. This year, the Philippine Republic Day Celebration, Inc. was the beneficiary of this support program. The Roscon volunteers, headed by Blessing Egbon, Shawn So, Eric McKeenen, Cynthia Diaz, Michelle Al-Safadi and Teresa Harris decorated the stage at the Traders Village on June 8th and the Westin Hotel on the 15th. Vicky Alsup worked on the fliers and montages for the headquarters.
That Saturday gave the organization an excellent weather and temperature. The food vendors sold a lot of Filipino foods and delicacies – all sold out.
Roscon Foundation had a “HALO HALO” (Mix Mix) Booth with Noel Galera heading the team and again, another fruitful fund-raiser for the year!

Shared by: Nieves Cava <>
Date: Monday, June 17, 2013