Spring & Sing

Roscon Foundation sponsors competition for high school, community youth choirs, and soloists from Fort Worth, Arlington, and Grand Prairie.

Spring & Sing inspire
A music competition and fine arts festival

May 10, 2013 7:00 p.m.
The Courtyard Villa at 1801 W. Division st. Arlington, TX 76012

Guest performance by
McClung Middle School Choir
Kendria Jones
Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary
June Marieezy, Amazing Filipino Vocalist

Special Guest
Malcolm “Inspired Through Art” McCrae
Filipino’s Loyal King
*Open Genre Selections

First Place Price – $1,000.00
Tickets – $20.00

Carol Smith, Roscon Foundation – C.E.O
Conrad Alagaban, Youth and Special Events Director
Contact: Shirley C. Lightfoot, Roscon Educational Program Director

Phone: 682-500-9113
Email: shirleyclight@gmail.com