Latest Activities Supporting The Community

Lending a Helping Hand

Ms Asian American Texas 2013-2014 beauty pageant
volunteers Eric Mckeenan (left) and Cynthia Diaz (right) with the contestants for the 2013-2015 Miss American Texas, held at Walnut Street Mall Banquet Hall last July 27, 2013. Miss Philippine Texas Coronation was held the same day. Pageant finale was held last August 3rd at Dallas Performance Hall. Winners are published at the Asian Beat News, August 7th issue.

Roscon Foundation helped the Aeta flood victims who could not hunt for food because of the heavy rains. The Villagers did not eat for our days. A non-profit organization in Tarlac, called LTCKK (Laking Tarlac City Ka Kung) responded to this call immediately. Sisters Adora and Sarah called Roscon Foundation in Tarlac City and the team responded quickly as well. The two non-profits, along with some dedicated community members, went to the Aeta villages in Capas, Tarlac to deliver rice, noodles, dried fish and medicines despite the weather. What a way to show love an support to our brothers and sisters who need help. God Bless You, LTCKK!

Bantay Bata Fund Raising Event

Fund-Raising Event with Tina Monzon Palma and ABS-CBN, Represented by Jo Ann Kyle based in Redwood California.

Location: Westin Hotel, August 22, 2013

The Bantay Bata presentation showed the plight of the street children in the Philippines, mostly in Manila, where crimes and poverty proliferate amidst the pomp and political corruptio of the city.

The different case handled by this non-profit organization shows the impact the volunteers have made on the youth who have undergone complete change once they became charges of the non-profit.

The Philippine Republic Day Celebration once considered as the parent organization of all Filipino non-profit at the Dallas Metroplex, awarded Roscon Foundation with a Certificate of Recognition for its community support services.

Philippines Missions with Sal Cariaga

The meeting of Brother Sal Cariaga, Belen Cruz, Lita Cruz and Carol Smith at Kizyen Restaurant in Arlington last August 20th was very productive. For more details, please visit his website at:

It has been decided that COMPOSTELA will be the venue for the TURISMO’S medical mission

Period report ending August 31, 2013.