Special Education Director

Shirley Lightfoot is Roscon Foundation's Education and Training Director who also helps oversee the community services division. Being a certified bilingual, educational supervisor, diagnostician and LLD teacher, she brings with her a very strong educational background that helps the Foundation with its community assistance programs. She also provide supplemental services, that of training low-income community members on computer literacy and communication skills. Shirley also holds a Masters degree that has given her high competency level where psychometric and perceptual assessments are required to ensure a high success rate on the company's training programs. She is currently working on her doctorate degree on education.

The International Multi Ethnic Chamber of Commerce (I.M.E.C.C.) was established to provide strategic policy initiatives for businesses to align their operations with several other member organizations, thereby establishing universally-accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and education. Among other things, the diversified Chamber provides these other services:

Cultural Services

  • Cultural sharing thru festival tour events in various countries
  • Community coordinative services with nursing homes, assisted living and rehab centers thru dance entertainment
  • Support Ethnic non-profit organization activities
  • Support the community thru scholarships and educational/scientific/technical research
  • Support ethnic tribes overseas to promote their social and economic upliftment


Community Services

  • Athletic Programs to Empower the Youth
  • Arts and Literature Literacy Programs
  • Community Credit Assistance Program
  • Family-based Petition Preparations & Naturalization Assistance
  • Income tax preparation assistance and representations for low income community members
  • Physical Wellness and Health Volunteer Programs


Foreign and Special Education Programs

  • response to a growing concern among the ageing community in the State of Texas, the Foundation will open up a scholarship program in coordination with local hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. For more information, email us at info@rosconfoundation.org.
  • The other program will involve travel to the Philippines on the months of “fiestas” on some provinces that has captured universal attention. An example of this would be the “Ati-Atihan” or “Sinulog” Festival at the Visayan Islands. This will be an exciting exchange of cultural knowledge among foreign nations interested to participate in these program. For more information, email us at festivaltour@rosconfoundation.org.


Translation, Transcription and Virtual Corporate Services

  • Translation from Tagalog to English, Pampango to English and vice versa
  • Translation of Tagalog documents to English
  • Virtual Office link-up through Professional Group of Companies-designated numbers and voice mail
  • Corporate services for small business companies