The Filipino non-pofit organizations joined the 2017 Asian Festival in Fair Park. Shown here are the leaders from the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Philippine Republic Day Celebration, Inc., N T X Asian American Cultural Association, FAANTX, Philippiine Community Center, Inc. and Roscon Foundaion.The day started with a parade and a Filipino Sungka competition was heldat the Pavillon.


BY: Teduray “Choy” Lambangian

The Foundation supports the livelihood programs of South Upi, Maguindanao through a coordinated effort with Father Dennie Grinaldi Gui, Oblate Priest. The latest box sent contained clothes for the students enrolled in their school and some financial assistance to provide rice for the boarders of the school.

Will this be the fourth or fifth Festival Tour Event?


   Rodeo – Texas style…                                  Rodeo – Philippine style…



Respect is an absolute factor in the Philippines. This accounts for so many “Auntie’s” and “Uncle’s” being addressed even if they are relative three times removed or simply best friends of their real relatives. Filipinos are quite lenient with Americans calling the elders by first names like in the States, but if they hear these foreigners call the elders with names that signify respect, like “Tiyo” or “Tiya”, they demonstrate their appreciation by being more hospitable than normal. A foreigner can be thrown out of the Philippines for disrespecting a Filipino. That is rare but it can happen.

Family is sometimes above the law here. When there are disputes within the family, the police will generally not get involved unless a family member asks for it. I have even seen this happen in cases of murder. If you find a significant other in the Philippines, you may never become more important to her than her family. Generally she is terrified of bringing shame to her family and this will rule much of what she does.

Of course, with any culture there are wide variances and nobody will be in the center of the culture in every way. Each person must be dealt with an as individual. Our cultural immersion program will allow expatriates to deal with their co-workers when deployed in the Philippines. You can contact us anytime to discuss Philippine culture to prepare you for the launch of your new career in a country known for its hospitable people and beautiful country sides… exotic beaches and great food!

The Philippine traditions, dialects, arts, music and our basic hospitable nature separates us from the rest of the world- our colorful and lively culture that makes us distinctly Filipino. When one goes to several museums, churches and galleries, the history of the entire Philippines can be found within the heart of the key cities.

There are three (3) islands in the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These islands have their own distinguished and identifying folk dances wherein they showcase the elegance and beauty of the way Filipinos do things- they way they dress, and the way they see things as reflected in various paintings. With so many foreign influence from Spain to the United States, Filipinos have evolved into what he is today: part Malaysian, part Hispanic, part European and part Filipino. The only true Filipino with no influx of foreign blood can be found in some areas of the Philippines, like the Aetas, Igorots, Mangyans, and several other ethnic groups that can be accessed through internet.

There are several non-profit organizations in the Philippines and the United States that dedicate their activities towards the promotion of the country. Some of them aim to improve the understanding and appreciation of Philippine history, culture, dialects, arts and geography. There are websites offering a huge database of Filipino artists, comics and artworks. There are also online journals of Filipino comics writers and artists, including updates on the Philippine comics.

Roscon Foundation, a cultural and community service oriented nonprofit organization, has showroom at 1513 Viceroy, Dallas, Texas 75235. The office displays Philippine crafts, pictures and magazines – all about Philippines and its islands.

Far from being a mere cluster of islands on the southeastern corner of Asia, the Philippines is an archipelago blessed with an endless array of landscapes. It brims with beaches, forests, mountains, plains, cliffs, caves, marshes, lakes and rivers, all of it set amidst a stunning backdrop of clear blue skies and an emerald sea. (Courtesy of Lakbay Pilipinas)

There is another name for this country – they call it a Wealth Of Wonders…. WOW Philippines.

It is home to multi-ethnic people – a varied blend of races, beliefs and customs borne from centuries of foreign influence. Philippines is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, American, Arab and much more. Despite this diverse background, the Country has managed to produce an identity of its own – calling themselves “Filipinos“.

Filipinos are very hospitable, fun-loving and gentle people…full of traditions that are not only deeply-rooted, but quite colorful and distinctive. That is why the country has so much Festivals to show off these cultures and traditions. As you spend your time participating in these Festivals, you will experience a different culture that will color, not only your travel memories… but your world!

Visit Philippines! There are 7,107 reasons to see it. Taste its culinary delicacies… celebrate its rich cultural heritage and festive spirit. Roscon invites people from all over the world to come and experience the Filipino way of celebrating life. We gladly welcome everyone to share in the experience: from small town fiestas to international events.

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