Feeding Program – June 23, 2018
Pegasus Retirement Villa, 7200 N Stemmons, Dallas Texas 75247

Roscon Foundation conducts feeding programs here and there. “There” includes Ormoc City, Tarlac or Pampanga, through its dedicated volunteers Maria Christina Rojas, Sherley Ann Feliciano, Rodel Valdez, Irene Querubin and Lanie Valencia. “Here” includes local feeding programs with some entertainment in Dallas, Arlington or Grand Prairie, conducted by tireless volunteers Carol Smith, Cecile and Remel Victoriano, Maria (Tess) Navidad and Mary Micaela Wright. On June 23, 2018, they held it at the Pegasus Retirement Villas in Dallas, with Dale Smith, singer, and Becky Horsmen, (pictured below) story-teller, entertaining the residents, who were introduced to “PANSIT”, a Filipino dish made of noodles and veggies and is a staple dish in any Filipino party or event. Photographs provided by George Cobb, Roscon’s official photographer and volunteer.

Mary Micaela Wright, shown below with Dale Smith, has been with Roscon for several years and has developed a special concern for Philippines and its tribal members. She has gone to the beneficiary country on medical missions and cultural trips and enjoyed the warmth and kindness of the Filipino people. She is excited about the programs and missions of the Foundation and participates in the professional development program and youth projects with another active director, Conrad Alagaban, Jr.

Carol Smith, one of the founders of Roscon Foundation, shown below, enjoys the entertainment with Remel and Cecile Victoriano, volunteers, who have helped the non-profit organization with the activities conducted either to raise funds or to do charity work. She believes in community support programs and helps other on-profits in the State to obtain their non-profit status or guides them on the tax laws governing charitable organizations.

Feeding Program – June 23, 2018
Venue: Pegasus Retirement Villa, 7200 N Stemmons, Dallas Texas 75247.

Started at 6:00 P.M. with Dale Smith, singer, performing several songs for the residents, followed by Becky Horsmen, story-teller,  telling funny stories that made everybody laugh.

Enjoy the pictures!!!!



Roscon's First Feeding Program 2017: Held in Cebu at the Little Lamb Children's Center