Tribal Livelihood Development Programs

Program Concept
As recognized the constitution of the indian republic consists of 645 district tribes, each distinct from one another.

in the Philippines there are only around 16 indigenous tribes. So it’s no wonder why India is way ahead on programs that works to maintain the cultural values of the tribes.

Roscon would like to learn from TFAPCCI the systems they have adopted to monitor, improve and maintain these livelihood programs that would benefit the Philippines.

Programmed Activities between partners

Youth Programs
location: India
Target Date: 2015

Observe how the livelihood development programs for the youth in India has been Maintained to benefit the younger generations.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Programs

location: India
target date: 2015

Roscon attend the national Symposium to learn about the social entreprenueral system of Inida that benefits the female sector of the country and how it can be adapted in the Philippines to improve the income capabilities of its women.

Objectives of Alliance

Determine how 80th partners can form a symbiotic relationship that will rebound to a much-improved livelihood development goals and achievement levels in both countries.

Initial Target: Entreprenuers’ Programs

Initial Meeting Helf in Dallas, Texas

First Party to Alliance

P. Vydehi, Secretary
The Federation of Andhra
Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Second Party to Alliance

Carol C. Smith, Executive Director
Roscon Foundation, Inc.
Aeta Livelihood Development Program

Next Meeting
location:Ihyderabad, India
Who to Contact: Carol C. Smith, 214.686.7622

International Multi-Ethnic Chamber of Commerce

Roscon Foundation is blessed with Directors and Volunteers who contribute their time and efforts to help any subsidiary achieve their missions.

Jocelyn Pioquid-Collong, Moved from being Director of All Seasons Food Program and took over the I.M.E.C.C subsidiary effective January 1, 2013.

Shirley, working towards her doctoral degree, has been with the foundation in the educational arena – promoting arts, literature and specialized education among the young. She obtains contract work with schools and companies, raising funds to help the foundation with its tribal projects

Team Effort

I.M.E.C.C aims to promote the Asian culture among the residents and businesses of Texas. Its emphasis is on the youth – utilizing the contributions of solid businesses with their resources, training programs an eventually, helping thses young businesses to focus on solid grounds.

The International Multi Ethnic Chamber of Commerce (I.M.E.C.C.) will commence their seminars, training programs and community liaison on January 2013. Its initial seminar will border on Medicare changes, Obama Healthcare and the Dreamers’ Act, presenting views, opinions and exchange of information among the leaders in theses important issues.

Calendar of Activities

April 20,2013 (Saturday 10:00AM, 1513
Viceroy Drive, Dallas Texas 75235)
Seminar on Obama Care 2013

May 2013-Dream Act-
Implementation Stage and Updates

July 2013 -New Rules and Regulation
on Business Filings
-Internal Revenue Service

September 2013 – Immigration Changes
and Homeland Security Updates

Should there be any topic that anyone
wants us to conduct on,
please email us at:

or call us at 214.686.7266

We’re here to serve the community!

Blessing Egbon and Shawn So are the young volunteers for this subsidiary. Their objective is to find the best business to grow make themselves sufficient with that and be able to pass on their experience to fresh graduates, who instead of looking for employment, choose the entrepreneural path to apply their academic achievements.

They will help Jovelyn with her schedules and coordinate the seminars as they come and go.