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We are a tax exempt organization with a mission to promote arts & literature and support the local community;
provide scholarship programs to indigents and deserving students in the Philippines…


Latest Update

The Origin of “ROSCON” came from “ROS” for Rosario and “CON” for Conrado. Initially it was a Family Foundation started in 1993 named after the parents of one of the founders, Carolina Cruz Cuison-Smith. But in 2002 it was incorporated and converted into a 501(C)3 Non-Profit organization. By 2007, it has graduated 11 college students from the Tarlac University and conducted art shows, seminars and bazaars at its Dallas Office. By 2008, it was classified as a public charity organization under section 170(B) of Non-Profit Regulation of the Federal Government. In 2012, it launched its first Festival Tour Event in Luzon, focusing on the Aeta tribes in San Jose, Tarlac, an indigenous tribe in Luzon with such a rich culture that delegates were fascinated with its traditions and villages. In 2014, the Festival Tour brought delegates to Cebu. 2016 & 2017 saw more Festival Tours in Luzon and it was apparent at this time that the City of Tarlac has formed a strong bond with the Foundation of Texas.




The founders of Roscon Foundation, Inc., Roger T. Cruz, Randal Keith Smith and Carolina C. Smith, registered Roscon Scholarship Foundation, Inc. in 1999 and had small fund-raising activities immediately after that. The couple, Randy and Carol, who have established the scholarship program in 1993 on their own, through their small Filipino store in Grand Prairie, started sending their relatives in Tarlac through school. By 1999, most of them were graduated and one scholar opened up his business under the auspices of Roscon Foundation. By 2002, Roscon Scholarship Services have added a lot of missions in their activities and Carol worked towards the exemption of the organization. By the start of 2003, Roscon Foundation, Inc. was approved under a 501C()3 tax exemption status.

By this time, they had 11 scholars under their program and the couple chose Tarlac City as their main target to support, starting with the Aeta natives in San Jose, iba, Tarlac. By 2008, they have graduated all 11 students and 3 moved to get their masters’ degree. The Foundation needed financial support and Carol applied for a name change of Roscon Scholarship Foundation, Inc. to just ROSCON FOUNDATION, INC. because of the addition of more activities. In 2008, Roscon Foundation, Inc. was classified as a 170(b) Public Charity Organization. Within the ten years of serving the Tarlac communities, Randy and Carol, along with some dedicated Texas officers and Tarlac volunteers, set up a small office in Villa Soliman in 2018 and have listed several successful activities as their accomplished objectives: (1) Supporting the Paidyanan Aeta Livelihood Development Center in Capas, Tarlac, managed by the S.SP.S. sisters of the College of the Holy Spirit, led by Sister Adora Molina-built the boys’ and girls’ dormitories, equipping their Library and Meeting Center, providing a jetmatic pump for their drinking water source and a manual pump for their laundry services; and donating food, books and cash for their needs. (2) Donating supplies to the Pampanga Senior Living Facility; (3) Donating food and supplies to the Immaculate Concepcion Home for Special and Abandoned Children in Angeles, Pampanga; (4) conducting Festival Tour Events that allowed clinical missions with minor surgeries conducted by physicians/sugeons/nurses on board the festival tours and (5) graduating masters students at the Tarlac State University who are now employed by top government agencies in the Philippines. Its latest accomplishment is the graduation of an Aeta Education student who finished her course with honors as cum laude and the awarding of a doctoral degree to her brother, also a Roscon scholar, making Dr. Rodel Valdez the first Aeta in Luzon to earn a doctoral degree in Education, an accomplishment noted by ABS-CBN and the local government units.

In 2019, Randy and Carol visited the Philippines to conduct their regular missions but this time, needed more time to accomplish their objectives. So, they rented a small house and continued inviting volunteers to their missions. Carol with her Zumba companions conducted a feeding program in San Francisco, Tarlac, a poor barangay, and the Zumba instructor, Arlene Bautista, donated her time and effort to make the program successful. The volunteers donated clothes and toys to the children and the first core of dedicated volunteers was created, starting with Virgilio Onia, a Zumba enthusiast, and personal friend of Randy and Carol. By 2021, they have conducted gift-giving programs in Santa Cruz Elementary School, donated medical equipment at the Buno-Matatalaib Elementary School, donated computer equipment at public schools in Santa Rosa and San Jose, and became popular with children in a lot of Barangays. That’s when one volunteer, Norma Salvador, proposed to have Roscon registered in Tarlac to be able to solicit more funds to help the children. She herself has some connections with non-governmental organizations and experienced the benefits of working with local govenments. So, Norma and Carol worked for the registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Roscon Organization Pilipinas, Inc., (ROPI) was approved in February, 2023. After the induction of the officers in July 1, 2023, the following officers of the organization faces a lot of challenges and will honor their public commitment, starting with some programs slated for the Aeta neighborhood in San Jose, Tarlac.


President – Virgilio S. Onia (Am Abelling tribal member)
Vice President – Maria Aurora L. Aquino
Corporate Secretary – Maryjoshuarose Mendoza Ico
Assistant Secretary – Maria Rizza Ray Rodriguez
Treasurer – James Conrad V. Cruz
Asst. Treasurer – Christine Joy Gomez
Public Relations Officer – Ester Sumat
Social Media Coordinator – April Lumba
Social Media Relations – Rory Aquino
Marketing Department – Hobie Jed Aquino
Webmaster – Christian Rey Rosaroso

Jeff Sangil – Central/San Miguel
Herzleeya Petate – Matatalain
Jasmin Paguio – Matatalaib
Rosalie Viterbo – San Rafael
Nino & Maryjosh Ico – Maliwalo
Junjay & Ricel Cariaga – Balibago Primero
Marisol Alivio Amurao – Tarlac, Tarlac


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