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“We take care of people who take care of people…”

No non-profit organization will survive without the help of companies and individuals who believe in our mission. We mainly rely on our wonderful Benefactors, who over the years have not been tired of helping us cover our operating expenses. Our priorities include scholarship and community assistance programs. We also have an allocated budget for other non-profit organizations whose missions are similar to ours. We conduct fund-raising activities that are unique to catch the attention of supporters who are not only dedicated workers, but travel or fun lovers as well. That makes Roscon capable of meeting its prime objective: Food for the mind, for the body and the spirit.


  I.M.E.E.C. Membership

The Foundation supports the various nonprofits and professional organizations at the DFW Metroplex. I.M.E.C.C. promotes diversity and goodwill among members. It aims to create a link among people of all races, creed and business philosophies. In 2011, the Board of Directors appointed Shirley Lightfoot, Special Education Director, to be In Charge of this Subsidiary. The Foundation, in collaboration with other nonprofits and professional associations, or business chambers, will continue to conduct seminars covering immigration, taxation and government benefits that will redound to the welfare of the people. In 2012, Ms. Lightfoot’s growing responsibilities necessitated the appointment of another Director to take her place. The All Seasons Food Program In-charge, Jocelyn Collong, was appointed director.

Roscon supports businesses that want to meet on a regular basis to promote their respective businesses and share with each other their resources. Membership on this Subsidiary is open and free of charge. Books, pamphlets or literatures from other membrs may entail small costs to cover reproduction expenses as approved by the respective members. For details, please email Ms. Collong at