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The program services of most non-profit organizations have changed dramatically over the years because of the economic recession. As such, the Foundation, in its effort to support its activities here and abroad have come up with projects that yield positive revenues. One of these is the conduct of RAFFLE DRAWS that have actually grabbed the attention of most community members in Dallas. The Gregorian Raffle Draw held in March 2012 have funded the Aeta Livelihood Development Program in Padyawan’s Girls’ Dormitory. The “Coach your way to Summer” held in March 2013 have funded the repair of the Boys’ Dormitory in the same area. This Livelihood Development Center is being supervised by the nuns of the College of the Holy Spirit (S. Sp. S. sisters) directly in coordination with Sister Adora Molina.

Another program that the Foundation has established is the formation of the All Seasons’ Food Program – Roscon joins festivals, events and charity movements in the sale of Filipino products and delicacies, its latest activity selling “Halo Halo” (Mix Mix) at the Traders’ Village with the volunteers. The proceeds of the volunteer work was ceded over to the Scholarship Fund of the Foundation.

The third program it has built in is supporting business start-ups by linking them with benefactors rich in venture capitalist contacts, like Diamond Financial Services ( and The Cash Factor ( and their joint partners like People’s Fund, BBVA Compass Bank and some other capital providers who flex with their financial programs to help the business owners.

The fourth program is strengthening the INTERNSHIP PROGRAM of the Foundation by taking in fresh graduates from various courses in Texas and opening up a training program for them to learn their specific industry’s workforce requirements. A pool of trainers will be pooled and will educate these graduates on their respective disciplines and team up with Dynamic Temporaries to place these workers. The placement fee to be donated to the Foundation will be used to fund the Internship Program’s transportation reimbursement plan.

True to its mission, “Taking care of people who take care of people”, Roscon Foundation has coordinated with a lot of its benefactors to provide the assistance community members need to achieve their goals.

The latest proponent of the Business Support Services was a former scholar of the Foundation who graduated and stopped his masteral studies to start up his business. Dreamkraft is now an established custom tee-shirt contractor in Luzon. (

The Foundation’s focus for the year was to strengthen its recruitment of coachable young graduates for job placements, develop a testing program to assess their basic qualifications and determine the areas for improvement. For additional information, contact can be established by posting your question at the  Contact Us page of this website..