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Why do people give?

Some give because they want to help others. Some give because it’s their family or religious tradition. Some want to make their community a better place. But here’s the most interesting part: In a study referenced in Psychology Today, 85% of respondents said the reason they gave was simply because someone asked them. Mar 10, 2020


Roscon Foundation, Inc.

has always asked since its approval as a non-profit organization since 2002, and it is lucky to have board members and volunteers in Texas who were committed to grow the organization like Alice Decker, Annabelle Badgwell, Angelita Bantog, Conrad Alagaban, Jr., Carlos Cuyugan, Edith McCoy, Elna Mallari, Maria Navidad, Mary Micaela Wright, Teresa Kaler, Theresa Guck, and avid business owner/supporters like Jakafella Enterprises, Blue Chip Credit Lords, Dynamic Syenergy Resources, Inc. and non-profits like Filcon and Joshua Experience God’ Band. Some of these directors and volunteers have moved to other non-profits, a few has stayed and new ones joined. Benefactors like Dynasyntech LLC brought generous clients and in 2023, Roscon registered its Tarlac Chapter to generate more support from the community, and in return, provide support to the community as well, especially to the indigents and tribes it has supported since 2012.

Here is our annual budget for 2023. If our friends and donors could please check the projects and make a decision on what to support – it would make thew beneficiaries grateful that there are good people out there just loving to help…and make them happy with such help.