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In 2012, we climbed Mt. Pinatubo with the Aetas of Olongapo. A year later, we worked with the S.SP.S. nuns of the College of the Holy Spirit, Tarlac, to help the Paidyanan Aeta community in Capas. Roscon installed their jetmatic pump, provided some books for the library, built and remodeled their girls and boys dormitories. A huge group resides in San Jose, Iba, Tarlac, and this is where the scholars are coming from.


The Ayta ABELLEN inhabit a portion of the Zambales Mountain Ranges particularly areas within the Province of Tarlac. In some areas they are referred to as Ayta Abelling or Ayta Aburlin. While maintaining most of their intangible heritage, the Ayta Abellen now shares a lot of the lowland culture of their neighboring Ilocano-speaking communities.