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V o l u n t e e r s  a n d  D i r e c t o r s  2012-2015

2014 – 2016: Alice Decker (Medical Missions), Nina Ludeke (Medical Missions), Annabelle Badgwell (Festival Tour Events), Mary Micaela Wright (International Unity & Friendship), Nicole Dane (Arts & Literature), Edith McCoy (Lift Up, Sing & Inspire Musicales), Steven Wright (Legal Counsel), Priscilla Shields (Scholarships), Joe & Chrissy Fletcher (School Brigades) and Christian Rey Rosaroso (Technical Support)

Advisory Board Members 2014-2016: Randal K. Smith, Chairman of the Board (Administration), Dr. Asuncion Acosta (Medical Missions), Alice Decker (Community Liaison), Stephen Wright (Legal Counsel)

2012 – 2014: Nathan Brin (Pro Bono Legal Counsel), Tess Navidad (Internal Audit), Ahsgar Ali Raza (Cultural Immersion Programs), Carol C. Smith (Government Liaison), Conrad Alagaban, Jr. (Business Affiliations), Emma Ramos (Medical Missions) and Nelia B. Africa (Internal Audit) are the members of the Executive Committee.

2002 – 2022: Archived report.
The Foundation paid its respect to one of its Founding Members, Roger Cruz who passed away last April, 2013. A Tribute to this great man was held last December 14, 2013, at the Winter Wonderland Fund Raiser at 1513 Viceroy Drive, Dallas TX 75235.

Another founding member, Lita T. Cruz, retired, is now residing in the Philippines but visits the Foundation during her annual trips to Texas. The three members initiated the beginning of Roscon Foundation in 1999. In 2002, Roger T. Cruz, Carol C. Smith and Randal K. Smith incorporated the Foundation and it gained recognition as a public charity organization. The organization has expanded since then to become diverse, universal and non-partisan. The choice of directors and volunteers lie primarily in being active in all its activities. Without the capable support of dedicated officers and volunteers, the Foundation will not accomplish their humanitarian missions. (Statement issued 5.20.2014, Randal K. Smith, Chairman of the Board)


* Angelita Bantog, Administration and Financial Affairs
* Maria Navidad, Program Coordinator
* Elna Mallari, Business Support Program
* Annabelle Badgwell, LVN, AETA Medical Mission
* Ian Valencia, MD, Medical Missions
* Alice Decker, Fund-raising Activities
* Virgilio Onia, AETA Cultural Mission
* Edith McCoy, Link of Volunteers & Entertainers
* Cicely Nedd-Thomas, Esquire, Legal Matters
* Randy K. Smith, Founding Member, CEO, Chairman of the Board
* Maih Nera Salvador, Arts & Literature Projects
* Shirley Lightfoot, Special Education
* Sandra Torres, Liaison Officer
* Christian Rey Rosaroso, Back Office Support


T E X A S  V O L U N T E E R S

* Annabelle Badgwell, LVN, Medical Missions Director
* Averie Bishop, Musical Events, Special Activities
* Inno Valencia, Technical Support, Musical Events
* Connie Chavez, Fund-raising Activities
* Cynthia Diaz, Arts & Literature Program
* Edith McCoy, Musical Events
* Hexel Colorado, Business Support Program
* Joann Wright, Special Activities
* Ricardo & Sandra Torrest, Community Liaison & Back Office Support
* Joycelyn Kelly, All Seasons Food Program
* Keren & Jarrod Tekesue, School Brigade Programs
* Marevi Sabalilag, Collaboration Work
* Nicole Dane, Arts & Literature Program
* Noel Galera, Special Activities Program
* Nina Ludeke, RN, Medical Missions
* Priscilla Shields, Scholarship & Internship Programs
* Rina Lundsten, Community Support
* Shirley Lightfoot, Special Education, Arts & Literature, Musical Events
* Teresa Rama Kaler, Community Support


T A R L A C  V O L U N T E E R S

* Maih Nera Salvador, Special Activities
* Rodel Valdez, Scholarship Programs
* Lanie Valencia, All Seasons Food Program
* Nimfa Rodriguez, Community Liaison
* Christian Rey Rosaroso, Technical Support
* Christine Joy Gomez, Office Support
* Vergilio Onia, Marketing & Promotions
* Wenzhomg Goh, Public Relations
* Carl John Gomez, Social Media
* Aurora Lumba Aquino, Fund-Raising Activities


The Foundation – issues tax receipts and certifications to the volunteers for their time and contributions. Paid volunteers are not included in the certification program.

The Philippine Affiliate Organization duplicates this policy when it comes to volunteers.